27 de abril de 2007


Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
I am small
and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me


26 de abril de 2007

Weapon Of Choice - Fatboy Slim

Organically grown, through the hemisphere I roam
Too big love to the angels of light
Yeah, and my girl

She just don't understand
is gone beyond being a man

As I drift off into the night, I'm in flight
She's a Boy scout no doubt
but I'm going to hold my cool,
because of easy rules

Yeah, so move on baby, yeah

Halfway between the gutter and the stars, yeah

23 de abril de 2007

Kid Loco - A Grand Love Theme

À breve, azul cantilena
dos teus olhos quando anoitecem.

Eugénio de Andrade

22 de abril de 2007

Game for Fools - Jamie Lidell


Para ti criarei um dia puro
Livre como o vento e repetido
Como o florir das ondas ordenadas.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

Jamie Lidell

20 de abril de 2007

Moloko II

“I can dance like a fairy and then stumble like a fool. That’s just the way it is.”
Roisin Murphy

Let there be love
And it will live eternally
Will we receive without ever asking?
I’m just curious

When you are ready, I will surrender
Take me and do as you will
Have what you want, your way's always the best way
I have succumbed to this passive sensation
Peacefully falling away
I am the zombie your wish will command me
Laugh as I fall to my knees

Hush now
No need to say the words
At first sight you perfectly heard
Love in all its entirety
Is no less than we deserve

I saw, your face
Some place
I felt this feeling before
Is it deja vu?
Do I somehow know you?

Give up yourself unto the moment
The time is now
Give up yourself unto the moment
Let's make this moment ... last

Moloko I

No I won’t interfere
I’m the only sound you’ll ever need to hear
Listen to my breath so near
Allow me to be every noise in your ear

Since that day I wake up early
Every morning which is good
But my stomach’s churning, call me,
It would be nice if you could

I want you
Though you dare to deny it
I am always reminded of you
And the more you forbid me
The more I need you to give me

I don’t know what to do
Though you dare to deny it
I’m always reminded of you
And the more you forbid me
The more I need you to give me

official site

15 de abril de 2007

This is the thing - Fink

dizem que ao possuir tudo isto
poderia Ter sido um homem feliz, que tem por defeito
interrogar-se acerca da melancolia das mãos....
...esta memória lamina incansável

um cigarro
outro cigarro vai certamente acalmar-me
....que sei eu sobre as tempestades do sangue?
E da água?
no fundo, só amo o lodo escondido das ilhas...

amanheço dolorosamente, escrevo aquilo que posso
estou imóvel, a luz atravessa-me como um sismo
hoje, vou correr à velocidade da minha solidão

Al Berto

12 de abril de 2007

Bolo de chocolate com iogurte e banana

12 a 14 unidades.

200 g de margarina
170 g de açúcar
4 ovos
1 iogurte de banana
80 g de farinha com fermento
80 g de chocolate em pó
1 colher de sobremesa de canela

Para a cobertura e recheio:
200 g de chocolate em barra
70 g de margarina
1 dl de natas
1 banana

Ligue o forno e regule-o para os 180 °C.

Parta a margarina em pedaços para uma tigela, junte 150 g de açúcar e bata com a batedeira eléctrica até obter um creme esbranquiçado. Adicione as gemas uma a uma sem parar de bater.

Junte o iogurte de banana e mexa bem. Adicione a farinha peneirada com o chocolate em pó e a canela, aos poucos e misturando com a colher de pau.

Bata as claras com a batedeira. quando estiverem em espuma adicione o restante açúcar e continue a bater até estarem bem firmes. Envolva as claras delicadamente na massa.

Forre o fundo de uma forma com papel vegetal, unte com Vaqueiro e polvilhe com farinha.

Deite a massa na forma, leve ao forno e coza durante cerca de 50 minutos.

Desenforme o bolo sobre uma rede, retire o papel vegetal e deixe arrefecer.

Depois de frio corte o bolo ao meio.

Parta o chocolate e a margarina em pedaços para dentro de uma taça e leve ao microondas durante 45 s na potência máxima.

Mexa com uma vara de arames até derreter completamente.

Bata as natas até espessarem. Descasque a banana, pique-a em pedaços pequenos e junte às natas. Adicione metade do chocolate derretido, misture bem e use para rechear o bolo.

Espalhe o restante chocolate sobre a superfície do bolo.


7 de abril de 2007

Tom Waits - Road To Peace

Rachel Corrie

Young Abdel Mahdi (Shahmay) was only 18 years old,
He was the youngest of nine children, never spent a night away from home.
And his mother held his photograph, opening the New York Times
To see the killing has intensified along the road to peace

There was a tall, thin boy with a whispy moustache disguised as an orthodox Jew
On a crowded bus in Jerusalem, some had survived World War Two
And the thunderous explosion blew out windows 200 yards away
With more retribution and seventeen dead along the road to peace

Now at King George Ave and Jaffa Road passengers boarded bus 14a
In the aisle next to the driver Abdel Mahdi (Shahmay)
And the last thing that he said on earth is "God is great and God is good"
And he blew them all to kingdom come upon the road to peace

Now in response to this another kiss of death was visited upon
Yasser Taha, Israel says is an Hamas senior militant
And Israel sent four choppers in, flames engulfed, tears wide open
And it killed his wife and his three year old child leaving only blackened skeletons

It's found his toddlers bottle and a pair of small shoes and they waved them in front of the cameras
But Israel says they did not know that his wife and child were in the car
There are roadblocks everywhere and only suffering on TV
Neither side will ever give up their smallest right along the road to peace

Israel launched it's latest campaign against Hamas on Tuesday
Two days later Hamas shot back and killed five Israeli soldiers
So thousands dead and wounded on both sides most of them middle eastern civilians
They fill the children full of hate to fight an old man's war and die upon the road to peace

"And this is our land we will fight with all our force" say the Palastinians and the Jews
Each side will cut off the hand of anyone who tries to stop the resistance
If the right eye offends thee then you must pluck it out
And Mahmoud Abbas said Sharon had been lost out along the road to peace

Once Kissinger said "we have no friends, America only has interests"
Now our president wants to be seen as a hero and he's hungry for re-election
But Bush is reluctant to risk his future in the fear of his political failures
So he plays chess at his desk and poses for the press 10,000 miles from the road to peace

In the video that they found at the home of Abdel Mahdi (Shahmay)
He held a Kalashnikov rifle and he spoke with a voice like a boy
He was an excellent student, he studied so hard, it was as if he had a future
He told his mother that he had a test that day out along the road to peace

The fundamentalist killing on both sides is standing in the path of peace
But tell me why are we arming the Israeli army with guns and tanks and bullets?
And if God is great and God is good why can't he change the hearts of men?
Well maybe God himself is lost and needs help
Maybe God himself he needs all of our help
Maybe God himself is lost and needs help
He's out upon the road to peace

Well maybe God himself is lost and needs help
Maybe God himself he needs all of our help
And he's lost upon the road to peace
And he's lost upon the road to peace
Out upon the road to peace.

Tom Waits

5 de abril de 2007

Please Call Me Baby - Tom Waits

So please call me, baby
Wherever you are
It's too cold to be out walking in the streets
We do crazy things when we're wounded
Everyone's a bit insane
I don't want you catching your death of cold
Out walking in the rain

And I admit that I ain't no angel
I admit that I ain't no saint
I'm selfish and I'm cruel but you're blind
If I exorcise my devils
Well my angels may leave too
When they leave they're so hard to find

4 de abril de 2007

Zero 7 - Destiny / Distractions

Mas há a vida
que é para ser
intensamente vivida, há o amor.

Que tem que ser vivido
até a última gota.
Sem nenhum medo.
Não mata.

Clarice Lispector

3 de abril de 2007

Relaxin with Cherry - Kid Loco

Ricky Fitts: It was one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing and there's this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes. And that's the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and... this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever. Video's a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember... and I need to remember... Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.

1 de abril de 2007

Compay Segundo

"Dispara cobarde, que solo vas a matar a un hombre."

"El revolucionario verdadero está guiado por grandes sentimientos de amor."

"Hay que endurecerse sin perder jamás la ternura."

"La revolución no se lleva en los labios para vivir de ella, se lleva en el corazón para morir por ella."

"Permitidme que diga, aun a riesgo de parecer ridículo, que el verdadero revolucionario se guía por grandes sentimientos de amor."

"Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero nunca terminarán con la primavera"

"El escalón más alto que puede alcanzar la especie humana es ser revolucionario"

Che Guevara

Scent of a Woman

[Slade knew her face cleanser, by scent]
Donna: Ah, that's amazing.
Lt. Col. Frank Slade: Well, I'm in the amazing business.